Cornerstone Lead Logistics Provider manages the complete tender process for all components relating to warehouse set-up.

The process will commence by identifying the detail user requirement specification, determine what is in and out of scope and identify the needed criteria to be met, including price, BBBEE, use of sub-contractors, lead time to implement etc.

A customer and component specific tender will be designed to ensure the customer's minimum requirements are met and exceeded.

A formal reference check will be performed on clients of the tenderer.  They are contacted by Cornerstone and rated against a set of identified criteria to determine actual client satisfaction and historic supplier performance.

Once the submissions were received by Cornerstone, they are ranked against a scorecard and all submissions are summarised and presented to our client in one formal recommendation document. This allows the client a snapshot view of who meets the requirements and are supported by the detailed submissions. The recommendation document becomes an internal auditors document for record keeping on CAPEX and OPEX decision making.