Cornerstone Corporate Agility applies the following BPI principles:

  1. Base activities around outcomes, not routines;

  2. Apply a client centric way of working by focusing on the customer;

  3. Consider the process first then automation; not automation first;

  4. Benchmark regularly;

  5. Establish who owns a business process;

  6. Build control points into a process;

  7. Standardise similar processes;

  8. Make changes now; and

  9. Measure.

Cornerstone Corporate Agility applies a standard methodology to ensure the most optimal way of working gets identified, designed, implemented and measured. Each step is calculated to deliver the most optimal way of working per process.

1. Identify processes for optimisation that will deliver the highest ROI (see qualitative research);

2. Define process through 'As-Is' process workshop. Focus on objectives, inputs, enablers, governance, volumetrics, process metrics, cycle times, readily available issues, shortcomings and bottlenecks etc.;

3. Map 'As-Is' process;

4. Analyse: critically evaluate each aspect of the process;

5. Improve & Map: re-engineer the 'To-Be' process using the appropriate BPI techniques;

6. Train:  ensure that all relevant stakeholders were trained on the process; 

7. Implement the process;

8. Include KPIs to ensure measurement of performance and improved process' impact on business, strategic and financial results; and

9. Provide Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) per process and Reference Chart for quick process reference.