Cornerstone Corporate Agility applies qualitative research to obtain a clear picture of the  ‘As Is’ state.  Only once this is identified, a gap analysis can identify the areas of focus to transition into a desired ‘To Be’ state.


Internal view:  Client journey mapping workshops with the core departments identify internal areas for development. The client journey assessment will be aimed to understand the current processes and steps within the client journey which includes all client service touch-points. The results from the different workshops will be mapped (summary view) to highlight areas of concern across multiple departments. 

External view: Qualitative client research can be either an interview for key accounts and or surveys for smaller clients.  Interviews are designed per client requirement and approved by the client. The aim is to identify problem areas experienced within the customer life cycle from the clients’ viewpoint and then to map these areas with those as identified through the internal client journey mapping exercise.

The results of the internal and external qualitative research will be mapped to prioritise business releases that will not only deliver the organisational strategy, but will focus on the areas that will drive performance and strategic results.

General:  Cornerstone provides research solutions to support internal decision making based on client specific needs.