There is a definite link between organisational culture, optimal organisational performance and sustainable competitiveness.

In order to implement an organisational culture, whether it be one of high performance leadership or client centricity, it is imperative that a true picture first be obtained of what the existing culture looks like.

This needs to be achieved by including the voice of the company on all different levels, to ensure we differentiate between what we should look like, what we want to look like, and what we actually look like.

Once the ‘As Is’ is identified, Cornerstone Corporate Agility performs a gap analysis to identify the areas of focus to transition into the desired and most optimal ‘To Be’ culture.

Business Brainstorm


Cornerstone Corporate Agility focus on people, processes and systems. Strategies are designed from a holistic viewpoint: obtaining both the internal view (internal client journey mapping workshops) and external view (client specific, qualitative research).

Score both the internal and external view on a scorecard to identify strategic actions that will drive the highest return on investment, given all limitations and or constraints.

Remove tasks and actions that does not support the over all strategy.

 A road-map will be designed to suggest a way of working for our clients to allow the organisation to function at optimal levels when driven by a client-centric workforce, committed to the vision and understanding their role in delivering the business, strategic and financial results of the organisation.

Overall it ensures that resources are applied where it will deliver the highest return on investment.


Cornerstone Corporate Agility provides professional, qualitative client research.  Even though many methodologies can be applied, based on client specific requirements, the main outcomes will provide:

  1. Areas for improvement throughout the organisation, prioritised in terms of highest return on investment;

  2. Business processes identified for improvement; and

  3. Level of client satisfaction.


Qualitative client research is performed either through interviews and or surveys for smaller clients.  The aim is to identify problem areas experienced within the customer life cycle or any other client specific objective.

The results of the qualitative research will be mapped to prioritise business releases that will not only deliver the organisational strategy, but will focus on the areas that will drive performance and strategic results.

Qualitative research can also be performed for client specific needs, for example positioning against competitors or sector specific research for decision making purposes.

Printing Process


Cornerstone Corporate Agility identifies the most optimal way of running business requirements within your business.


It is therefore imperative to assess each of the identified business processes to ensure that it is built around the following key deliverables. ​

  1. Customers need to get what they want when they want it; 

  2. Cycle time of the process needs to be the shortest possible period; 

  3. Each process needs to include the lowest number of steps and approvals; 

  4. Non-critical output needs to be either reduced or eliminated where possible; 

  5. Cost of the process needs to be either reduced or kept at a minimum; and

  6. Cost of management needs to be either reduced or kept at a minimum.