The primary goals for a strategy design include, but are not limited to:

  1. Identify business releases to impact business (cash, growth, return and client), strategic (long term sustainability for all stake-holders) and financial (impact and ability to influence financial results) results and individual employee impact on organisational vision and  financial results;

  2. Assess the current client service culture and client experience from various perspectives;

  3. Identify the focus areas and subsequent strategy to implement high performance relating to people, systems and processes; and

  4. Deliver a complete roadmap, including the strategy, timelines and budget to deliver agreed objectives.

The secondary goals will include, but are not limited to:

  1. Determine which parts of the roadmap will be executed and implemented by Cornerstone, by the client or in a joint fashion; 

  2. Reinforce alignment and raise the bar on service excellence: effectively implement the sustainable management solution whereby the client can truly measure and create a differential advantage that positively impacts the organisation; and

  3. Implement a results measurement methodology to ensure ROI is achieved.

Cornerstone Corporate Agility do not accept projects unless they can either form part of or project manage the implementation phase.  This is needed to ensure projects are implemented and results measured to enable original Cornerstone expectations created are achieved.