Cornerstone Inventory offers Demand Forecasting Solutions.

Demand forecasting is a systematic analytical process aimed to predict consumer demand for goods or services based on historical sales data.

Knowledge of future demand enables the supplier to keep the right amount of stock on hand and provide good customer service. Demand forecasting drives all companies' plans including demand, supply, purchasing, manufacturing, material requirements, and financial plans.

The accurate demand forecast is crucial for sustainable business development.


Cornerstone Inventory offers Inventory Planning Solutions.

Inventory planning is a business process aimed to determine the optimal quantity and timing of inventory for the purpose of integration production capacity and sales. Inventory planning hugely influences a company’s turnover, cash flow, and profit margins.



Cornerstone Inventory offers Inventory Optimisation Solutions.

Inventory optimisation is an approach for reducing the amount of frozen working capital that is tied up in inventory with service-level goals across multiple stock-keeping units (SKUs).




Cornerstone Inventory offers Material Requirements Planning Solutions.

Material requirements planning (MRP) can be defined as a system for calculating the components and materials needed to manufacture a product. MRP consists of three primary steps:

  1. Taking inventory of the materials and components on hand;

  2. Identifying which additional ones are needed; and

  3. Scheduling product production or purchase.