What is Streamline?

Streamline is a desktop application for demand forecasting and inventory replenishment planning. The robust time-series decomposition approach employed allows Cornerstone to create a highly accurate statistical forecast that provides a solid basis for further demand planning processes. Streamline effectively incorporates modern planning technologies and strategies with inventory optimisation tools and provides crucial and timely information for decision-making.
If inventory information is not entered into Streamline, it operates solely as a demand forecasting tool. If sufficient inventory data has been provided, Streamline can produce a perfect just-in-time inventory replenishment plan that simultaneously minimises stock shortages and excesses, optimising your investment in inventory.


Inventory solutions

01   Demand Forecasting

02   Inventory Planning

03   Inventory Optimisation

04   Material Requirements Planning



Streamline imports sales history and inventory information from a spreadsheet, database, or an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or accounting system.
It generates statistical forecasts based on sales history, information about shortages, and upcoming promotions. The forecast can be adjusted manually using various methods based on the client's specific requirements.
Finally, the forecast is used to create replenishment orders and export them back to Client’s inventory management system. In addition, Streamline can generate demand and revenue plans.


It is easy to do business with Cornerstone Inventory due to:

01  Fast and intuitive user interface;
02  Smooth and fast implementation process; and
03  Ideal fit of the business process in your company.


01 50-90% time savings on forecasting, planning and placing


02 15-50% reduction in excess inventory

03 50-99% less stock-outs

04 10-20 x ROI in the first year (the highest in the industry)

05 Increase in product availability

06 Increase in profitability

07 Improved sales orders

08 Forecast accuracy improvement

09 Improvement in the reduction of write offs and obsolescence

10 The provision of business intelligence reports that allow Client

      to make optimal decisions within the supply chain

11 Specifically tailored for the pharmaceutical industry to include

      batch expiry control, first expiry first out (FIFO) and shelf-life

      linked to sale-ability

12 Used by retailers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers

      and e-commerce worldwide.





Proof of Concept 
Cornerstone will run a Proof of Concept (POC) for our Client by using 24 months’ sales data, stock on hand, open Purchase Orders (POs) and Sales Orders (SOs) to forecast the potential improvements by means of Streamline.  The solution will be implemented at no cost (T&Cs apply) and measured no later than 3 months after implementation date (lead time dependent).  As soon as a minimum agreed percentage of the benefits realise, Cornerstone will invoice the fees as per this proposal from start date to current date.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Should the agreed minimum percentage of the forecasted benefits not have realised after the agreed period, our client has the option to give notice with immediate effect and none of the proposed fees will apply.

This clause will not apply should our client opt not to select the BPO service and also when the BPO suggestions and advice in line with the Streamline optimal inventory strategy is blatantly disregarded.